Five safety issues for tower cranes

Tower cranes are large-scale mechanical equipment on the construction site. For different types of projects, there are different types of tower cranes, but it is necessary to pay attention to safety during construction, so pay attention to some points when renting tower cranes hydraulic platform manufacturers. So, what are the five major safety issues for cranes? What are the three main points of tower crane rental?

Five safety issues for tower cranes:

1, holding a certificate

Tower crane drivers and command and signal personnel must be specially trained and issued with relevant certificates by the relevant departments, and the driver’s tower-type operation skills should be consistent with the actual operation of the tower type.

2, special person management

The tower crane should follow the captain responsibility system when operating. The captain (suspension) is responsible for the operation of the team, the duties and powers of each personnel, and the operation must be strictly recorded, and the usual maintenance should also pay attention to it at all times. It is necessary to strictly implement the shift system and avoid the operation of people/machines.

3, it is necessary to transfer the insurance

After the newly installed tower crane, new tower crane rental or overhaul, the whole machine test operation must be carried out according to the requirements of the tower crane manual. During the trial operation, the performance should be clarified, and various dangerous situations that may occur are eliminated. The matter must be sharpened first.”

4, maintain the safety distance of transmission lines

In the process of urban construction, tower crane construction often needs to be operated near the transmission line. Therefore, for safety measures, it should be ensured that the tower crane boom should be away from the transmission line to avoid danger.

5, fire preparation is essential

Because the tower crane driver often needs to work at high altitude, and the tower crane often generates high temperature due to friction and motor operation during operation, once the fire occurs in the tower crane cab, the consequences will be unimaginable. In order to ensure the safety of the tower crane construction, the tower crane driver room should be equipped with suitable fire-fighting equipment, such as dry powder fire extinguishers.

Three key points for tower crane leasing:

1. Determination of basic parameters

The basic parameters of the tower crane refer to the height of the tower crane, the length of the arm and the large lifting weight of the arm end. Except for the extremely special case, the maximum lifting weight of the tower crane generally does not need to be considered. According to the length, width and height of the building, it can be preliminary. Determine the arm length of the tower crane, the arm length to ensure that it can cover all the projects and a little margin is appropriate, the height of the tower crane can be 10~15m higher than the maximum height of the building.300 ton Heavy Duty Gantry Crane Company

The weight of the arm end is determined by the weight of the object to be lifted by the civil construction personnel. The general frame structure type of building, because the tower crane needs to lift the concrete bucket, the arm end has a larger lifting weight, and now the concrete structure of the high-rise building, The requirements are lower. After the above three parameters are determined, the type of tower crane rental can be initially determined.

2, the determination of the installation method

The tower crane is a device used on the ground, and its own weight is much larger than that of general construction machinery. Therefore, the basic installation method of the tower crane after the tower crane is rented is also one of the main problems to be considered when selecting. There are three basic installation methods for the self-elevating tower cranes that are commonly used at present: the fixed feet in the large concrete blocks, the heavy-duty chassis and the walking type.

Different installation methods have different ground pressure requirements for the foundation soil. Different types of tower cranes have different pressures on the ground. In addition, the foundation depth and slope type of the project also affect the installation method of the tower crane foundation, which in turn affects the selection of Jining tower crane rental. This requires the relevant practitioners to have relevant practical experience, and carefully read the chapters on the basic part of the product specification of the tower crane to be determined.

3, the determination of the height of the Kai

The commonly used jack-up tower crane can rise with the rise of the building. When the height of the tower crane exceeds the “free height”, if it rises again, the “attachment wall” measure is required, that is, the tower crane is under construction. The works are “anchor” together.

Different types of tower cranes have different heights for the first wall. The distance between each two “attached walls” is different. The attached wall of the tower crane has additional lateral tension on the construction project, which requires that some of the completed projects can reach relevant Strength of.

If the construction speed is fast, the wall part has not yet reached the predetermined strength, which will affect the construction progress. In this case, the Jining tower crane rental should consider the type of tower crane with a higher free height, and it is especially important in winter construction.

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