Solar brackets need to be carefully selected

Divided from the connection method, the installation of solar photovoltaic brackets can be simply divided into two types: assembly and welding. The most significant advantage of the assembled bracket is that the assembly and disassembly speed is fast, no welding is required; all theĀ Pre galvanized square tubing bracket components are factory-produced, the anti-corrosion coating is uniform, the durability is good; the construction speed is fast and beautiful.

But to do the above, it is not easy. First of all, in order to facilitate the connection between the channels, different splices and fixtures must be designed according to various connection conditions. The connecting fixture must be able to firmly connect the assembly and the channel steel, can be fixedly locked at any position of the channel, and is easy to install and disassemble. Secondly, the connection between the channels needs to be secure, for example by tooth biting. Finally, the on-site cutting of the entire section of the channel needs to be as precise and convenient as possible, and the back hole cannot be cut. This requires the channel steel to increase the scale mark, which is convenient for the construction personnel to cut on site.

The welded bracket has low requirements on the production process of the section steel (angle steel), the connection strength is good, and the price is low, which is a commonly used bracket connection form on the market. However, the welded bracket also has its own shortcomings. For example, the connection point is difficult to prevent corrosion. If the paint is applied, the paint layer will peel off every 1 to 2 years, and it needs to be repainted, and the subsequent maintenance cost is high. In addition, in the field construction, special When installing in remote areas, the cost of welding electricity is high; theĀ l profile construction speed is slow, not beautiful enough. With the improvement of urbanization level in China, residents have higher and higher requirements for the aesthetics of buildings. The photovoltaic support system used in civil buildings is not suitable for welding brackets.

Solar brackets need to be carefully selected:

Solar photovoltaic brackets are the supporting components of solar water tanks and are an important part of solar water heaters. At the beginning of solar energy production, solar water tanks and brackets are integrated. Solar energy brackets are not an independent industry. With the development of solar energy, more and more enterprises producing solar brackets will make brackets independent and household solar water heater brackets. Sufficient strength and stiffness to ensure adequate load bearing capacity. In some windy areas, it is also important to note that solar mounts have a certain wind resistance. A good quality solar water heater must be equipped with a thick and solid aluminum alloy bracket to ensure its long-term strong load-bearing capacity.

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