The issues of Children Clothes

Children have to be cared from everything such as clothes choice, food intake, study, character’s cultivation and so on. Perhaps the most of parents will think that choice of children clothes is very easy and simple, merely consideration of color, design and quality. Actually we omit important link about issues of children’s clothes such as safety. Maybe you will be curious how comes the safety is the important factor to be considered? There is a news from China and we found so many awesome matters to be happened for children’s clothes. Let us have a look below,

Recently, in WuHan City of China, the local commercial bureau conducted random sampling tests on 100 batches of children’s clothes, shoes, bags and toys sold in the city. The results showed that the formaldehyde content, the total content of heavy metals exceeded the standard and the wear resistance was not up to the standard in 7 batches.


Child Clothes

A total of 71 batches of children’s clothing products were sampled. Meanwhile, the products of “Xiandanmu” brand by one clothing factory in Tianjin about Cotton jacket and Towel’s formaldehyde content is not qualified.


Children in the wearing process, the residual formaldehyde and sweat will combine or hydrolyze to produce free formaldehyde to result in stimulus for respiratory mucosa, eyes and skin according to experts, and easy to cause dizziness, respiratory inflammation and skin inflammation.

Children’s Shoes

About Children’s shoes, the products by a local children’s shoes factory in Quanzhou City has been sampled and the total content of heavy metal are unqualified. And another Children’s boots by manufacturing from Sportswear factory in JinJiang City are not qualified about wear resistance of out-sole and heavy metal content.


Experts introduce that the total content of heavy metals exceeding the standard will be easy to cause anemia, damage to the nervous system, affect children’s intellectual development. At the same time, because children are naturally active, the sole is more likely to be wore. If the out-sole of children’s shoes are not wear resistance, wear resistance as substandard will directly bring security risks.

Toy for children

Except clothes and shoes, problem toy is also involved. After many of toys were sampled, there are a lot of toys from Shantou City to be unqualified such as mechanical and physical properties, electric toys as not safe.


How to avoid these unqualified products

In China, actually government has enhanced its oversight to Children’s products such as clothes, shoes and toys. Certainly, only depending on governmental watchdog cannot absolutely avoid and eliminate these unqualified products as well. Meanwhile, the most of conscientious enterprise also improve their requirement of inspection such as sinosources. A largest B2B trade platform in China. This enterprise as B2B platform has high standard methods to inspect and audit every suppliers have joined in their platform. No matter domestic source or oversea buyers, there is no obsession of unqualified issues.

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