Combined Bearings:

Angular Contact Ball Bearing – Single – 40° – SINGLE ROW ANGULAR CONTACT BALL BEARINGS The Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing was intended to help spiral, pivotal or composite burdens, be that as it may, the hub load should be one way. The high pushed limit is accomplished by a higher shoulder on one side of the external ring. A coordinating with high shoulder is regularly on the contrary side of the internal ring too. The course of the heap through the balls shapes the contact point. The push limit increments with the contact point. This ball bearing has a 40° contact point. This bearing has a stepped steel confine and isn’t accessible with seals or safeguards. These bearings are non-distinct. These bearings have ordinary resiliences and are not reasonable for mounting adjoining each other to accomplish a preload.

Practical. More prudent than machined metal confine bearings. Backing spiral, pivotal or composite burdens just a single way. Requires oil or oil for activity. Energy proficient. Diminished grinding. Low Noise.

These bearings are most regularly utilized in vertical Angular Contact Ball Bearing supplier siphon and engine applications.

The inward and external raceways of angular contact ball bearings have relative dislodging toward the bearing hub. This implies that this bearing ring is intended to convey joint burdens, specifically outspread and hub loads.

DHK single line angular contact ball bearings are non-detachable spiral bearings, Due to their diverse contact points , they have four plan variations.

1) Contact point with 15 , bearing assignment with addition C.

2) Contact point with 25 , bearing assignment with addition AC.

3) Contact point with 35 , bearing assignment with addition A.

4) Contact point with 40 , bearing assignment with addition B.

Combined Bearings:

Single line angular contact ball bearings are ofen utilized as sets. DHK can created various game plans bearing sets, the client can utilize the sets direct so to save the mounting works and stay away from the mix-up of changing the mounting leeway. The regularly utilized game plan sets as the follows.