Crosshead Bearing for Mud Pump

Our crosshead is made of malleable iron whose elasticity is more prominent than 600MPa.This blend of materials gives a low rubbing interface and creates almost no warmth, which demonstrates no grinding, which likens to no wear.

The crosshead pin is produced using 45# steel. It is the segment between associating pole and crosshead. Our organization stringently follows the shape prerequisites of the enclose as indicated by the accuracy machining.

We supply items incorporate as following:

earthenware liner.

high-chrome mud siphon liner (bimetal liner),

chrome covered liner (single-metal liner),

solidified steel liner (single-metal liner),

3-web or 4-web valve and seat,

full-open valve and seatBearing for f1600 pump supplier (kq/g2/fo),

valve spring,

long-life fortified cylinder with rubbers

texture long-life fortified cylinder with urethane,

substitution cylinder,

cylinder center,

cylinder bar,


snap ring,

upper and lower valve guide,

augmentation bar,

cylinder bar clip,

strung ring,

liner end cover,

valve pot cover,

chamber head,

chamber head plug,


liner seal,

valve cover gasket,

chamber head gasket,

module (liquid closures),

Cylinder rods&pony bars

Mud Pump Piston

1.Our mud siphon cylinder Assembly are manufactured of value combination steel.

2.They are made through heat treatment.

3.The mud siphon cylinder Assembly are made of unique chemigum,

polyurethane, etc.

4.They have great working impacts and long help life.

Mud Pump Piston Assembly are produced using 40Cr forgeing steel, which have been prepared by heat treatment. The cylinder elastic are produced using unique acryonitrile – butadiene elastic, it has predominant execution at oil opposition, heat resistance,water resistence.The base adjust fiber texture to reinforce rigidity, high wear resistence and expand administration life. Our items are exceptionally following API standard, it keep great execution in different conditions, and it is tradable with different API standard cylinder, and simple to fit out and change.