It's time to ... 

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Save yOur Kids! will directly engage Christian institutions, pastors, congregations, and the media to address the underlying causes responsible for the crisis of the staggering suicide rate among LGBT kids and the tragedy that children have to choose between being authentic to themselves or having a roof over their head.  

We will start by educating the media and conservative faith communities of this crisis to enable a conversation focused on our mutual concern for these kids and pressing need to find a solution

We will directly engage the conservative media, denominations, colleges, and leaders who most vocally stigmatize the LGBT community.  

We will seek solutions, lifting up those open to dialogue and to working toward the changes necessary to address the problem.  

We will not refrain from seeking to marginalize and discredit the worst leaders and institutions intent on continuing the harm by speaking directly to their members and funders in terms those communities can relate to. 


Educate and equip mainstream media to talk about faith and engage and balance religious media. 

Engagement with U.S. Christians: 

Communicate with over 100 million faith and values voters and assemble training programs for key influencers, including affirming clergy and clergy in their midst of changing their views. 

 Medical Advisory:

Assemble a prestigious group of medical professionals to clearly articulate the public mental health crisis faced by over 1 million LGBT teens in the United States. 


Use the threat and direct challenge to accreditation of colleges and universities to block the worst abuses and create a different angle to approach their harmful teachings and policies.